Have you always dreamed of learning to sing?

Hi and welcome to Miracle Voice Lessons. I teach private voice lessons out of my home studio in Temecula I work with students of all ages and skill levels. I'll build a lesson plan suited to your personal goals: whether it is to sing professionally, or go all the way to the top of success. I will help you build a healthy vocal technique, and develop vocal freedom while you experience tremendous amounts of joy and excitement. You choose the style of music: pop, rock, jazz, or latin, etc.

Maestro Giglio is a very powerful Opera Specialist and was raised and trained in Italy. Maestro Giglio specializes in opera, musical theater, Broadway and classical styles. Click on Become an Opera Singer for more information.

Voice Lessons all ages and levels

First lesson is free!  
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Lessons Include:

      1. Voice training: you will develop your singing voice including stretching you range and proper breathing using the Belcanto technique. With this technique you will learn the art of beautiful singing by becoming proficient with all parts of your vocal instrument.
      2. Coaching: you will learn how to phrase songs and work with dynamics and expression. You will build confidence and free your mind from stage fright so you can enjoy yourself and have fun while you perform.
      3. In the beautiful Miracle Voice studio, you will practice songs as you would perform them live on stage with real background music. Enroll now by calling: (951) 302-3683.

What You Will Learn:

            • Ear & Pitch Training (Learning to sing in tune)
            • Proper breathing technique
            • Good vocal health and hygiene
            • Learning to sing with freedom and ease
            • Expanding vocal range
            • Creating a seamless voice (learning to blend chest and head registers and strengthen the mix voice)
            • How to work on high notes and belt safely
            • Style and Interpretation of Songs
            • Audition coaching
            • Live performance coaching


$25 for a one-on-one 30-minute Lesson. The first lesson is free.

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